GSA #: GS-07F-0359T FSS #: V797P-2264D DAPA #: SP0200-09-H-0023DIBBS/ECAT #: SPM2D1-12-D-8200


Irrisept is a patented jet lavage system, containing low concentration chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG*) 0.05% in sterile water for irrigation, to clean a wound.  Irrisept system bottle design allows users to control pressure of the solution through manual bottle compression.  The mechanical action of the Irrisept system helps remove bacteria, particulate and debris in wounds without harming underlying tissues.


Irrisept is a FDA-Cleared, Class II Medical Device

Irrisept, Step 1, 450 mL bottle 0.05% CHG in sterile water, USP (99.95%)

Irririnse, Step 2, 450 mL bottle, 0.9% sterile normal saline, (USP)

Set of 3 applicators fitting both Irrisept and Irririnse bottles (Irriprobe, Splatterguard and LT Splatterguard)


Safety Studies successfully completed: Immune Allergic Response, Skin Irritation, Cytotoxicity, Acute Systemic toxicity, Neurotoxicity, Hemolysis, Pharmacokinetics, Chondrocyte Toxicity and Intraperitoneal Tissue Toxicity


Irrisept is sterile packaged and aseptically filled and manufactured by an FDA-registered manufacturer. Contraindicated for patients with known CHG allergy.  Keep away from eyes and ears; if contact with these areas rinse out thoroughly with water or normal saline.


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