GSA #: GS-07F-0359T FSS #: V797P-2264D DAPA #: SP0200-09-H-0023DIBBS/ECAT #: SPM2D1-12-D-8200

Skin Care, Surgical Care


As a leader in infection prevention, Ecolab Healthcare provides
products, tools, training and service to healthcare facilities to help
prevent the spread of healthcare acquired infections. Quality chemical
formulations, unique packaging designs and innovative dispensing
systems are focused on the individual needs of the markets served.

Skin Care: Liquid, Foam and antimicrobial hand soaps,
healthcare personnel hand washes, waterless rinses, lotions and body
washes in a variety of packaging options. Accent Plus®, Bacti-Stat®,
Bacti-Foam® and Endure® brands.

Surgical Care: A full line of surgical scrubs and
antimicrobial skin cleansers provide critical protection during surgery
and in high-risk areas of your facility. Our surgical scrubs are
formulated to deliver rapid antimicrobial action and persistent

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  • Outstanding efficacy while being gentle on the skin
  • Waterless alcohol, CHG and iodine products come in a variety of size and dispensing options.
  • Endure® brand.

Instrument Care: We offer a comprehensive line of reprocessing chemistries and services specifically designed to provide safety and efficacy in healthcare. The unique technology of the Asepti-solids line offers unmatched benefits in safety, simplicity and support.

Disinfectants: Infection control challenges in the healthcare environment are a growing concern for our customers. Our line of hard
surface disinfectants and germicidal detergents deliver fast, one-step disinfection and are effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses (as listed on the product labels)

  • Quaternary, alcohol and phenolic cleaners and disinfectants
  • Dispensed, liquid, ready-to-use and disposable wipes are available to meet your cleaning needs.

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