GSA #: GS-07F-0359T FSS #: V797P-2264D DAPA #: SP0200-09-H-0023DIBBS/ECAT #: SPM2D1-12-D-8200

Custom Procedure Trays


Geo-Med’s custom surgical tray program let’s you create a completely tailored pack with custom layering, custom components and labeling. Your pack is designed with your surgeon’s or clinician’s direct input for the specific procedure of intended use. Our program allows you complete control over packaging and components to your exact specifications. Our trays are ideal for: Federal Medical Facilities, Health Systems and Surgery Centers.


Pre-packaged components eliminate the need for you to order, stock and organize individually wrapped surgical supplies. These operational efficiencies result in better inventory management and cost containment. Superior service and flexible customization allow you to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

Sterile or non-sterile trays can be provided using customized components such as cannulas, surgical drapes, tubing, formed trays and equipment covers, to your specifications. We offer short production runs
and minimal turnaround time.

VA and DOD Medical Centers
We have the ability to submit your custom packs to our existing FSS contract
Call 1-877-865-0400 or Contact Us to Place An Order

We guarantee the continuity of our components, so the pack won’t change unless you request it.

Our series of custom surgical packs cover a variety of procedures including but not limited to:

  • Set Up Pack
  • Arthroscopy Pack
  • Basin Set
  • Biopsy pack
  • Cataract Pack
  • Cath Lab/Angiography Pack
  • Open Heart Pack
  • Cysto pack
  • ENT Pack
  • Eye/Intraocular Pack
  • Extremity Pack
  • Laparoscopic Pack
  • Major/Minor Pack
  • Ortho Pack
  • Vascular Packs
  • Vitrectomy Pack
  • AAA Packs
  • Bariatric Packs


If phone problems occur, please use our local number, 813-300-5090, or email us at customerservice@geomedsdvo.com